Choosing an Investment

If you are unsure of which Cadiz Investment product meets your needs and requirements, then we suggest that you speak with your local Cadiz BDM or contact us directly. If you are an individual we suggest that you speak to your financial adviser.


Looking to maximize your income or approaching retirement?

Cadiz Money Market

Cadiz BCI Enhanced Income Fund

Income and growth

Want to beat inflation and need a steady income and some capital growth?

Cadiz Absolute Yield Fund

Cadiz Stable Fund

Cadiz Balanced Fund

Long-term growth

Have a minimum or five years to invest and want to maximise growth?

Cadiz Worldwide Flexible Fund

Cadiz Equity Fund

At Cadiz we can tell you what needs our various products aim to meet. We may also provide you with generic information about our products. However, we may not offer you financial advice – which means we can’t tell you which of our products is best for your personal circumstances. This is the role of a financial adviser.