Investment Approach

Our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is simply to provide Incremental outperformance over time within defined risk parameters.

Our investment process 

The Fixed Income investment process forms an integral part of the overall investment process and methodology at Cadiz Asset Management.

The Top-Down process specifically focusses on determining a level of conviction on the directional movement of interest rates. It therefore includes an interrogation of all the factors that influence the directional movement of interest rates and the construction of our portfolios to match our interest rate view. The Top-Down process addresses critical components such as economic fundamentals, monetary conditions, valuations, and liquidity.

The Top-Down process is an on-going and dynamic function. It includes the following elements:

  • Stock and Sector Selection
  • Valuation Analysis
  • Duration Management
  • Risk and Scenario Analysis
  • Yield Curve Analysis
  • Credit Analysis

A tried-and-tested process that has proven itself over time.