Institutional Investments

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Cadiz Money Market Fund
Cadiz Passive Bond Fund
Cadiz Houseview Bond Fund
Cadiz Absolute Yield Fund
Cadiz Stable Fund
Cadiz Global Balanced Fund
Cadiz Worldwide Flexible Fund
Cadiz Global Equity Fund
Investment Approach

Cadiz focuses on managing investment risk. This is important as permanent capital loss is the enemy of compound growth. We believe that good businesses have the natural tendency to grow their value over time and protecting capital leaves a larger capital base to deliver good long term real returns.

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Principles of Responsible Investing

Cadiz Asset Management is committed to the promotion and support of Responsible Investing in South Africa. We consider the inclusion and integration of Responsible Investing principles to be a strategic underpin in the way we manage our business, interact with our stakeholders, and manage our client mandates.

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