Who is Cadiz Asset Management?

Investment Approach

Our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is to provide incremental outperformance over time within defined risk parameters.

Our investment process 

The Fixed Income investment process forms an integral part of the overall investment process and methodology at Cadiz Asset Management.

The top-down process specifically focuses on determining a level of conviction on the directional movement of interest rates. It, therefore, includes an interrogation of all the factors that influence the directional movement of interest rates and the construction of our portfolios to match our interest rate view. The top-down process addresses critical components such as economic fundamentals, monetary conditions, valuations, and liquidity.

The top-down process is an on-going and dynamic function. It includes the following elements:

  • Stock and Sector Selection
  • Valuation Analysis
  • Duration Management
  • Risk and Scenario Analysis
  • Yield Curve Analysis
  • Credit Analysis

A tried-and-tested process that has proven itself over time.


Executive Team

Ian Kilbride



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Adrian Meager 

MD and CIO – Orion Investment Managers


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Sidney McKinnon

MD and CIO – Cadiz Asset Management


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Tiaan Meyer

Chief Financial Officer


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Ryan Magee

Chief Operations Officer


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Fixed Income Team

Sidney McKinnon

MD and CIO – Cadiz Asset Management

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Hope Sono

Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

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Cadiz is always looking for experienced, driven and qualified individuals within the broader financial services industry. Current opportunities to join Cadiz are shown below.

Spirit Foundation

Established by the Kilbride family, the Spirit Foundation provides a platform for Cadiz and others to support the three charitable foundations operating under the Spirit Foundation, namely the Spirit Education Foundation, the Spirit Community Foundation and the Spirit Wildlife Foundation.

The Spirit Foundation has established an enviable track-record over the past thirty years of assisting worthy causes and we believe that this has impacted in a positive and meaningful way on the lives and projects it has supported.

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